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Hall Natural Therapies offers naturopathic services to Hall, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Wallaroo, Murrumbateman, Yass, and the surrounding Canberra region. Treat your health problems holistically and noninvasively. We aim to find the underlying cause of your health problems to achieve lasting improvements, we won't just treat the symptoms only to have them return again and again.

Owned and run by Anita Kilby: Ad. Dip. Nat, ANTA Accredited and fully insured practitioner.

Discounts for pensioners, Health Care Card and subsequent family members.

Is Naturopathy for you?

To get the most benefit from a naturopathic approach to your health you need to be willing and prepared to take an active role in managing your health. We can and do offer support to improve your symptoms as quickly as possible. We will generally have a herb or supplement, as the Doctor will have a medication, that will improve your symptoms quickly. Often these treatments will be just as effective as medications, but with fewer side effects.

But where naturopaths really work wonders is in identifying the long term, ongoing, day-in-day-out changes you can implement to make lasting changes to your health. This requires commitment from you. If you simply want to pop a pill to fix things then the naturopathic approach may not be for you!

People often come to natural therapists as a last resort, when the Doctors have said there’s little more they can do. Ideally, see a natural therapist first, and perhaps avoid experiencing some of the unpleasant or harsh side effects of many medications.

If you’re already on several medications then we can work with your Doctor to hopefully reduce your medications as we achieve improvements in your health. We will carefully assess what treatments we can safely use with your medications, whilst providing continued symptom resolution throughout the process.

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