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Immune System Fight Back

June, 2014

The change in seasons is a peak time for colds and flus, peaking again in spring along with hay fever season, so now’s a good time to get your immune system powered up. An under-functioning immune system leaves you more susceptible to any bug going around, and leaves you struggling to recover from the invasion. An overactive immune system sets the stage for hypersensitivity to pollens (or other year round triggers like dust mite, pet hair, foods), and the very familiar allergy reactions.

How can you help your immune system get back into balance?

Apart from the usual immune boosters like garlic, ginger, honey, vitamin C, and zinc (I particularly like garlic, vitamin C, horseradish tablets to help dry up excess mucous and reduce ear congestion), taking a good quality Echinacea supplement during winter helps to strengthen and balance the immune system. It shouldn’t however be taken by those on immunosuppressant medications or with sensitivity to the daisy family of plants (Asteraceae/Compositae).

Above all else, like mums always say – cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and reduce the spread of germs by washing your hands regularly with plain old soap.